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Deepest Pool in the World: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The Telegraph, The Times

1. A UK company is going to build the world's biggest and deepest pool.

2. It will be built in Cornwall, South West England, and named as Blue Abyss Pool.

3. It will be 164 meters long, 164 meters deep, and 131 meters wide and will hold 42 million liters of water.

4. This project is backed by Tim Peake, the British astronaut, who will replicate an extreme environment as a setup for testing the latest underwater technology including subsea robotics and mini submersibles.

5. The pool will also be used to help train astronauts and deep-sea divers, with hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers and a microgravity suite on site.

6. John Vickers, chief executive of Blue Abyss, said in a statement the pool would be a "huge research asset for aerospace, offshore energy, underwater robotics, human physiology, defense, leisure and marine industries, and a fantastic education center for children and university students."

7. Tim Peake said he is proud of this project and it will be helpful in widen knowledge for the benefit of people and the world.

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