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Disturbing reports of famine and starvation situation in Ethiopia

Picture courtesy: Al Jazeera

Despite news of TPLF defeats in multiples of fronts in most parts of North Wollo, South Gondar, North Gondar and Afar regions, there are still several towns – especially in North Wollo – that are under the TPLF control.

Disturbing reports of famine are emerging, in social media, that affected the areas under the terrorist TPLF forces. Some places have been under TPLF for more than two months now.

Woldia, Lalibela, Kobo, Alamata, korem and Gashena are just some of the places where the TPLF has firm control. For those who are from those areas but currently living elsewhere, it has been very worrisome as there has been no communication with their loved ones for too long. No phone or internet communication. Some express a sentiment that the government has not done enough to dislodge TPLF forces from the area.

Fikrete Gebrie is from the Woldia area. Borkena reached out to her to see if there is anything new from Woldia. She answered,

“…Not that much since there is no means of communications. I heard People are Starving to death. There is no running water. People who are in medication are in serious danger. I think even government wants North wollo to be a war trial. I heard everday Ethiopians defense are advancing the war of south Gondar and South Wollo but when it comes N.Wollo it has been the same for the last 45 days . Very sad.”

She is not alone when it comes to lack of government action to reverse starvation in the area. Even politicians are speaking out about it.

Belete Molla, head of National Movement of Amhara – one of the largest opposition political party in the country, expressed similar sentiment in an update he shared on his facebook page. He seems to think that the people of Wollo is deliberately subjected to starvation.

He said, “Let the whole world know this: entire communities subjected to starvation and thousands already dying everyday in TPLF occupied towns and villages of North Wollo zone in Amhara region. Enough with politically trapping entire people and letting them die silently !”

International aid agencies that have been crying foul on the alleged “blockade of humanitarian access to the Tigray region” seem to have entirely ignored in the situation in North Wollo – from where more than 500,000 people were displaced.

Mushe Semu, a key figure in the Ethiopian Democratic Party, called the situation worrying. He said “the information we are getting about North Wollo is disturbing.”

He added that there are signs that famine could cause death in the parts of North Wollo that are under the control of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Mushe made a reference that the TPLF can not even feed its own forces as it has been evident from the extensive looting it has been engaged in the areas they controlled.

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