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Donald Trump’s Facebook account to remain suspended: What you need to know

Donald Trump. Picture: WRGT

Facebook’s oversight Board said on Wednesday that the ban imposed on former President Donald Trump’s Facebook account will remain in place. Here is everything you need to know about the update:

  1. The tech giant, Facebook, put an indefinite ban on Donald Trump’s Facebook account after he was accused of inciting the insurrection on Capitol Hill on Jan 6th.

  2. This caused a spur in the right-wing political world and they accused the big tech to be biased and anti-conservatives.

  3. The Oversight board said that the company was right in banning Trump’s account, but they cannot do that ‘indefinitely’. They have to either re-instate the account or suspend it permanently.

  4. Board co-chair Michael McConnell, a Stanford law professor said in an interview, ”We’re not here for Facebook just to lob politically controversial hot potatoes at us for us to decide.”

  5. Trump had more than 35 million followers on Facebook and the ban stripped him from reaching out to them.

  6. A similar ban was put in place on his Twitter account because of the same reason.

  7. Donald Trump released a statement saying, "These corrupt social media companies must pay a political price," he further added that the actions of these social media companies are "a total disgrace and an embarrassment to our Country."

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