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Dutch Crime Journalist wounded in Amsterdam shooting : what you need to know

Picture courtesy : The telegraph

1. A well known Dutch Journalist known for investigating the criminal underworld has been shot and seriously injured on a street in Amsterdam.

2. Peter R De Vries was shot when he had just left a TV studio.

3. He exposed many mobsters and drug dealers, he also assisted the police in resolving myriad high profile matters.

4. Mayor Halsema condemned the shooting as a 'cruel, heartless attack' and said the journalist was fighting for his life.

5. He was previously given police protection after receiving threats for his investigation of crimes. In 2019, he tweeted that he was on the list of the Netherland's most wanted criminal.

6. After the shooting, two suspects arrested in a car. A 35-year-old Polish national, who lives in Maurik and a 21-year-old man from Rotterdam will appear in court on Friday in connection with the shooting of a crime journalist.

7. A third person, an 18-year-old, has been released from custody and is not considered a suspect, police said in a statement.

8. The journalist also won an Emmy Award for a television show he made about Natalee Holloway, a US teenager who disappeared on the Caribbean island of Aruba in 2005.

9. A novel , Mr de Vries wrote, about one famous case was later adapted into the movie Kidnapping Freddy Heineken starring Anthony Hopkins.

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