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Eastern Newfoundland lose power as Hurricane Larry makes landfall: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: National Hurricane centre

Hurricane Larry has made landfall in Eastern Newfoundland, Canada at 1:15 am NT as a category 1 storm. Thousands of people in the province have lost power. The storm is accompanied by strong winds of 130km/hr. The Hurricane made landfall near the isthmus of the Avalon peninsula.

According to reports, the waves are reaching a height of 3.6 meters in Argentia, above what was anticipated. The St. John's International Airport has reported strong winds of 96km/hr due to the hurricane.

According to the power website of Newfoundland, areas of St. John's, Mount Pearl, Whitbourne, and the Burin Peninsula have lost power. According to reports, less rain is expected as compared to what was reported earlier. Rob Carroll, a meteorologist said earlier, "We could see some heavy rainfall for two, three, four hours there late this evening and overnight, maybe even a few thundershowers as well.”

The areas of Clarenville and the Burin Peninsula are under a tropical storm warning. Environment Canada has the entire Avalon Peninsula under a hurricane warning. The rainfall totals should amount to 20 to 30 millimeters.

Government officials had warned people on Thursday to prepare themselves for the imminent storm. Chief Sherry Colford of the St. John's Regional Fire Department said, "Use 911 for emergency services only. If you have an immediate threat to life or your property, such as a fire, certainly call 911.”

The Newfoundland Power has assured people that they will have their full workforce on repairing the damage on Saturday morning. They have advised people to stay indoors and be safe.

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