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Eurovision winner cleared of drug use: What you need to know

A shot showing Damiano David leaning on the table. Picture courtesy : Metro
  • On Saturday Italian pop-metal band Måneskin won Eurovision, an international song competition which is organized annually by European Broadcasting Union. The show was canceled in 2020 due to coronavirus lockdown.

  • As the grand finale was happening, a live TV shot appeared to show the lead singer of Måneskin, Damiano David leaning over to the surface of the table in front of him. This sparked a frenzy online, with people thinking that he was taking drugs.

  • When he was asked about the incident, he said that he was leaning forward as the lead guitarist broke a glass in front of them. He also specifically said, "I don't use drugs. Please, guys. Don't say that really, no cocaine.”

  • Seeing the news spreading, the band said that they will have voluntary drug testing to prove that the rumors are false.

  • Today the results of the drug test came and it proved that Damiano was telling the truth.

  • EBU said in a statement, "No drug use took place in the Green Room and we consider the matter closed.”

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