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Ex- Australian embassy staff in Bangkok charged after spy cameras found in women's bathrooms

A former staff member at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok is facing criminal charges after multiple spy cameras were found in the women's bathrooms.(AFP)

A former staffer at Australia's embassy in Bangkok has been charged after multiple spy cameras were found in women's bathrooms at the mission, a Canberra official said Saturday.

It was unclear how long the cameras had been in the bathroom, with the matter only coming to light after a camera SD card was found on the bathroom floor last year, according to a report by ABC Australia.

The incident represented a serious security breach, an Australian defence and foreign policy expert told AFP.

The discovery raises serious questions about how the cameras were able to be installed and remain undiscovered, potentially for years.

An officer from the Royal Thai police, who is working on the investigation, told the ABC that it was a sensitive case that involved many people.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years' jail or a 20,000 baht ($850) fine.

The Australian Federal Police and DFAT declined to comment on whether there would be any Australian government or Law enforcement investigation into the incident.

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