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Extremist attack in Somalia killed 9: What you need to know

Picture courtesy : Countryman

· A large explosion in Somalia's capital killed at least 9 people and 8 injured, a health official said on Saturday

· This toll may also go up as reported from one hospital only where this health official works.'

· The al-Shabab extremist group claimed responsibility.

· A Somali official said Mogadishu police commissioner, Colonel Farhan Mohumud Qaroleh, was the target of the attack, but he was safe.

· "A suicide car bomber with heavy explosives plotted by the al-Shabab group has targeted the Mogadishu police commissioner. They hit the vehicle of the commissioner, " a police official said.

· Saturday blast was the second large explosion in the city this month.

· An attack on teashop killed 10 people last week, while in June a suicide bomber at a military base left 15 dead.

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