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Facebook employees questioning their management: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The Guardian

Facebook employees are questioning Facebook’s decisions of late. The New York Times reported this displeasure of Facebook’s employees after it got access to their internal emails alleging that the Facebook Management is now bowing to the strong governments and politicians when it comes to content because the company is making a lot of money from them.

Employees are raising questions on Facebook’s attitude from these incidents:-

1. Facebook helped India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi quell dissent.

2. During the Israeli Hamas War, the posts of Palestinian leaders were blocked.

3. Employees believe that the Focus of Facebook is growing more on politics.

According to them, they are not comfortable deciding out of fear. An email said that when the Indian Government ordered Facebook and other companies to remove content related to the conflict in April, the

company agreed immediately. Facebook feared that PM Modi would ban it from doing business in India.

More than 200 employees have written an open letter to the management demanding a third-party audit of the company.

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