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Facts about International Women’s Day: What you need to know

International Women's Day
Picture courtesy : Listuguj Mi’gmaq Government

Today, March 8th marks the celebration of International Women’s Day across the globe. This day marks the global day to celebrate achievements by women in different diasporas of life. Let's get to know some quick facts on this special day:

  1. The first International Women’s day was celebrated in 1911. So, today is its 110th anniversary.

  2. Purple, green, and white are the colors used to celebrate this special day

  3. International Women’s day is not specific to any country, company, or group. This day belongs to everyone collectively.

  4. This day aims to provide a platform for positive change for women.

  5. Sadly, in our lifetime, none of us will see gender parity according to the World Economic Forum.

  6. The theme of this years’ Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ #ChooseToChallenge.

To all the wonderful ladies out there, Happy International Women’s Day!

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