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Fire erupts on ship at Dubai port, causing large explosion (VIDEO): What you need to know

Picture courtesy: ChannelsTV

An explosion inside a container on a ship docked at Dubai's Jebel Ali Port caused a large fire and was felt across the city, authorities said on Wednesday evening.

There were no reported deaths or injuries and the fire is under control, authorities said. "A fire has been reported to have broken out in a container within a ship anchored in Jebel Ali Port. A Dubai Civil Defense team is working to put out the blaze," Dubai Media Office said in a tweet on their official account.

The Dubai Media Office posted a video of firefighters putting out the blaze at the port.

Several CNN personnel in Dubai said they heard and felt the explosion, which caused buildings to shake, as far away as 15 kilometers away from the port. Social media video showed a large ball of fire burst from the port area lighting up the night sky.

Reported video of the aftermath at Jebel Ali Port, Dubai.

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