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Four Chinese nationals killed at US cannabis farm

Picture Courtesy: CBS

Four Chinese nationals were killed on Sunday at a rural marijuana farm in the US state of Oklahoma. A suspect named Wu Chen has been held. Wu Chen, 45, was arrested on Tuesday 1,500 miles (2,400km) away in Florida, said law enforcement officials.

The bodies were discovered after police received a call of a hostage situation near the town of Hennessey, 55 miles north of Oklahoma City. It is still not clear if the farm was licensed for marijuana.

The say the suspect entered a building on the marijuana operation's property at 17:45 local time (23:45 GMT) on Sunday, when there were "several employees" inside. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said that the suspect remained "inside that building for a significant amount of time before the executions began.”

A fifth victim - also a Chinese citizen - was airlifted to hospital with unspecified wounds. The suspect was arrested without incident and is awaiting extradition to Oklahoma. Police say he is facing charges including homicide and shooting with intent to kill. They did not state his nationality.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Cpt Stan Florence told the Associated Press news agency on Monday: "Don't know if they're related or if they're co-workers, but certainly these individuals were, we believe, all familiar with each other."

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