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Freedom House downgrades India to ‘Partly Free’: What you need to know

Narendra Modi
Picture courtesy :World Affairs

Freedom House, a US-funded, non-government organization has downgraded India’s rating to ‘partly free’ from ‘free’. Freedom House rates a nation based on its political and civil freedom. India scored a total of ’67’, ’34’ in political rights, and ’33’ in civil liberties. The downgrades come after the Narendra Modi government adopted policies that seem to be a bit towards authoritarianism. The report given out by Freedom House mentions that India, rather than becoming a global leader, is leaning towards Hindu nationalist interests which attacks its core values of equal rights. The USA remains ‘Free’ in the ranking post-Trump administration, however, Freedom House warned that the US needs to work towards gaining back to becoming a global leader and getting back its credibility.

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