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From Church to Court- Journey of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

The filing of defamation suit by Depp against her in 2019 to the tune of $50 million and Heard, instead of filing a reply filed a $100 million dollar countersuit against Depp and what followed in the next year in 2020 in consequence of what his legal advisors dismissing her article in the British tabloid blaming him of domestic violence "fake' and a "sexual violence hoax".

Ultimately he lost the libel trial against the British tabloid.

It further halted his rise as it was disallowed to continue by Warner Bros in the fantastic beast movie series.

In year 2021, ruling came against him which blamed him of assaulting Heard. Again his appeal was dismissed by the court. What it should have been a pleasing relationship between the renowned stars has devolved into a matter of marital dispute.

But the scenario changed in 2022.

In the ongoing defamation trial in Virginia, Depp concluded his testimony refuting the allegations levelled against him and asserted instead he was the victim of domestic violence in their relationship. His attorneys playing an audio recordings in which Heard dismissively admitting to "hitting" Depp before mocking him. Depp in turn was recorded shouting vulgarities at Heard and disparaging her over her weight.

Amidst this ongoing trial, Amber Heard fired her PR team and hired a new firm after a psychology expert testified that she suffered from two personality disorders.

Meanwhile, Depp’s fans are calling for Heard to be axed from Aquaman 2, which is due to be released next March. In fact, a petition demanding the same has also crossed three million signatures. Critics believe Amber should suffer the same fate as Depp did. Even worse, social media has also been flooded with anti-Amber tweets.

For the unversed, Depp and Heard's relationship eventually devolved into what appears to have been a toxic marriage.

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