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Fuel tanker explosion kills 13 in Kenya: What you need to know

• 13 people were killed and 11people including children seriously burned after a petrol tanker overturned and caught fire in western Kenya on Sunday night.

• The crash happened when the driver tried to avoid a head-on collision with another lorry carrying milk on the busy road of Kisumu and Busia.

• People rushed to the scene with jerry canes to collect the spilling fuel from the overturned tanker when it exploded, engulfing them around in a fireball.

• The firefighters reached after two hours. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

• Despite many warnings of authorities of the danger of siphoning after the deaths of hundreds in previous accidents, many Kenyans continue to do it because they are oppressed by poverty.

• Deadly fuel truck accidents are not uncommon in Kenya and in other East- Africa regions. Approximately 3,000 people die every year in Kenya.

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