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G-7:China says small groups do not rule the world: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: BBC

1. China has been badly involved in the G-7 conference which started in England on Friday, seeing this grouping as factionalism against itself, China even said in a threatening manner on Sunday that the time had ended long ago when small groups of some countries decided the fate of the world.

2. A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London said that 'time has long passed when a small group of countries used to make global decisions. We always believe that whether a country is small or big, strong or weak, poor or rich, all are equal and a decision should be taken after consultation of all the countries on the issues'.

3. G7 leaders have unveiled a basic plan to compete with China's global campaign but have yet to agree on how to stop China from violating human rights. American President Joe Biden is determined to draw up plans to pressure democratic countries to boycott China over bonded labor practices.

4. On Saturday, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau led the discussion about China, he appealed to all the leaders to take joint steps to stop the growing threat from China; 'Let us tell you that the G7 countries are planning to offer developing countries to be part of an infrastructure team that can compete with China's multi-trillion Belt and Road initiative.'

5. The conference which started on Friday in South West England will conclude on Sunday.

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