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Harvard student groups criticized Israel; CEOs seek their censure

Bill Ackman, a billionaire hedge fund CEO, and several business leaders are urging Harvard University to disclose the names of students associated with organizations that blamed Israel for the Hamas attacks. They seek to blacklist these students, though some have distanced themselves from the statement. Ackman stressed that those who support the letter should have their names made public. This request arises from a desire to prevent inadvertently hiring students from Harvard groups that endorsed the statement.

In response to backlash, some student groups have withdrawn their support. Other business leaders, including the CEOs of FabFitFun, EasyHealth, and Dovehill Capital Management, support Ackman's call to reveal the students' names. Jonathan Neman, CEO of Sweetgreen, expressed his interest in identifying these individuals to avoid hiring them.

However, some argue that revealing the students' names may endanger them and doesn't consider differing opinions within the groups. CEO Stephen Sullivan suggested directing anger toward the administration and teachers instead.

Harvard University has not yet commented, but its President, Claudine Gay, emphasized that no student group, even if numerous, represents the university or its leadership.

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