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Hostages used as human shields on top of cars in Brazil bank robbery

Footage showed them being used as human shields through the streets as every bank in the city was reportedly raided./picture courtesy: Metro news

At least 10 hostages were tied to the hoods of gateway cars during a terrifying armed bank robbery in Brazil.

Footage recorded by locals shows getaway vehicles with people tied to their roofs and hoods, used them as human shields through the streets of Aracatuba as every bank was reportedly raided.

Another video shows people forced to walk down a road at gunpoint.

Shots and explosions were heard throughout the city in the central state of Sao Paulo.

Early reports suggest a heavily armed gang of at least 50 criminals attacked Military Police barracks before targeting the banks.

Vehicles were also set on fire at the entrances to the city to make access difficult for the emergency services.

The robbers reportedly left explosives with proximity sensors in different parts of the city after the raids. Police are now urging people to stay indoors.

At least one officer is believed to have been injured during the incident.

The shooting came to an end at 1.50 a.m local time, with the vehicles driving off outside the city. It is believed that hostages were later released.

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