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Hot air balloon crash kills 4: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Rex features
  1. A Hot air balloon crash on Saturday killed four people in New Mexico. The incident happened just after 7 am local time.

  2. People who witnessed the crash said that the balloon fell to the ground in a completely deflated state and it caught fire immediately after the crash.

  3. 4 people including the pilot and 2 women died in the incident that occurred in Albuquerque. The balloon fell in a residential area on someone’s roof.

  4. The balloon collided with the power line, after which the basket detached from the balloon and fell. The exact cause of the incident has not been released yet. FAA is still investigating the incident.

  5. An eye witness, Joshua Perez quickly ran to the site and turned off the propane tank with the help of another man. He said to KOB4, "To see a balloon go down like this, it's heartbreaking”.

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