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Hydro-Québec working on restoring power after strong winds leave thousands in dark

Picture Courtesy: The Canadian Press

Strong winds on Sunday caused major power outages in Southern Québec leaving nearly 340,000 Hydro-Québec customers without power. However, Hydro-Quebec is working actively to restore the power and as per reports, by 2 pm, the number of customers without power was just over 231,000.

According to a warning issued by Hydro-Quebec, "More than 400 fitters are working to restore service. We are aiming to restore service to the majority within the next day. Due to the magnitude of the event, it is unfortunately not possible to specify restoration times for each specific location.”

The issue was first reported around 6 am local time. There are around 44,942 customers affected in the Laurentians, 28,993 in Outaouais, and 12,706 in Montreal.

As per information released by Environment Canada, maximum wind gusts of 106 km/h were measured at the Montreal airport.

The Police in southern Ontario said they responded to several calls about fallen wires, trees, and flying debris. There are currently 400 Hydro-Quebec working on the field right now and more are expected to join them to restore the power. Quebecers can check the map of outages here.

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