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In a mass shooting in Britain, gunman kills 5: What you need to know

picture courtesy: NDTV

A man shot dead five people, including a 3 -year-old girl, in the southern English city of Plymouth in what police believe was a case of domestic-related violence.

Police on Friday named the shooter ad Jake Davidson, a 22-year-old crane operator. According to police no motive still has been found out but they were not considering terrorism, although an investigation is going on.

The shooting started at about 6 p.m. on Thursday, first killing a 51-year-old woman, he then ran outside and immediately shot dead the young girl in the street along with her 43-year-old relative. Davidson shot at two other passers-by who were badly injured, then entered a part and shot dead another man before killing another woman.

He then turned the gun on himself before firearms officers could tackle him. Witnessed described the weapon as a pump-action shotgun. It could not say whether or not Davidson had mental health issues.

Mass shootings are rare in the United Kingdom but Thursday's rampage was the worst such incident in more than a decade.

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