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India recalled its 50 diplomats from the Afghanistan consulate: What you need to know

Picture courtesy: Reuters

1. India has pulled out its around 50 diplomats including, some security personnel

from the Kandahar consulate ahead of unabated violence.

2. A special aircraft, of the Indian Air Force, was sent on Saturday to bring back the Indian diplomats including, other officials.

3. India's move to temporarily shut the consulate in Kandahar came because of the Taliban gaining control of more areas leaving security and safety situations becoming grim, following the evacuation of US forces after two decades.

4. Indian foreign ministry said though it is a temporary measure, the embassy in Kabul and the other consulate at Mazare-e-sharif in the capital of Balkh province will continue to function.

5. The Kandahar consulate will function with local employees to ensure visa delivery and other necessary consulate business.

6. Once the situation improves, the consulate staff will be sent back.

7. India has a very intimate relationship with Afghanistan and has already invested about three billion USD in its development process which includes the construction of parliament in Kabul.

8. It is hoped that normalcy return to Afghanistan and violence put to an end and the people of Afghanistan regain their normal and peaceful life.

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