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Indian Student Killed in Shelling in Ukraine's Kharkiv

Picture courtesy: Reuters/BBC

Indian student named Naveen Shekhrappa has been killed in the Kharkiv bombing. The student, from Karnataka's Haveri, died when Russian soldiers blew up a government building on Tuesday. Naveen went out to get food. The Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed his death.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said it was in touch with the student's family. “With profound sorrow we confirm that an Indian student lost his life in shelling in Kharkiv this morning. The Ministry is in touch with his family. We convey our deepest condolences to the family,” MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said.

The Foreign Secretary is calling the ambassadors of Russia and Ukraine, demanding a safe passage for the stranded Indians in Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Around 16,000 Indian students are still stranded in Ukraine. Many students have shared photos and videos on social media from underground bunkers, metro stations and bomb shelters, where they have been hiding since the Russian attack started last Thursday.

Today is the sixth day of the Russia-Ukraine war. The Russian army has attacked the military base of Okhtyrka city between Kharkiv and Kyiv. At least 70 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in this attack. Attacks have been intensified and residential areas are being targeted.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine has asked all Indian citizens to leave immediately. In the emergency advisory issued by the Indian Embassy, it has been said that Indians will immediately leave the city in the same condition as they are.

Yesterday, the embassy had asked students to go to the railway station in Kyiv, where special evacuation trains have been arranged by Ukraine to take people to the western region.

Many students complained that they were not allowed to board the trains or they were mistreated by officials.

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