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Instagram restricts Kanye West’s account, rapper returns to Twitter

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo

After Meta suspended Kanye West from its platform, the rapper posted on Twitter for the first time in nearly two years – a move celebrated by Elon Musk, who is in the process of buying the social media network.

Kanye West, who officially changed his name to Ye, tweeted a photograph of a hat that said 2024. Musk responded with his own tweet, reading “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend!”

Kanye last posted on Twitter back in November 2020 after the presidential election. Kanye also tweeted a picture of himself with Meta Platforms Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, accusing him of kicking him off Instagram.

In a statement to CNN, a Meta spokesperson said that content from West’s account was deleted for violating the company’s policies and a restriction was placed on his account. It did not specify what was objectionable about the content or what kind of restriction was imposed.

Kanye west shared a since-deleted post that included a screenshot of a text conversation with Sean “Diddy” Combs that was criticized by the American Jewish Committee as “anti-Jewish.” Earlier this week Kanye caused a controversy when he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt and dressed several Black models in shirts with the same phrase, deemed a “hate slogan” by the Anti-Defamation League, at his fashion show in Paris.

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