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Internet breaks down: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The Sun, Breaking News
  1. Many of the world's leading news and government websites have been down for some time. The Guardian, Financial Times, Independent and The New York Times, Amazon, Target websites were not opening for some time.

  2. The British Government website Gov.UK was also not working.

  3. According to reports, this may be due to a technical problem in the cloud computing provider Fastly, which supports many important websites.

  4. According to Fastly, there was some problem with their global content delivery network which has been now fixed.

  5. Fastly runs Edge cloud which is designed to make multiple websites load faster and avoid any problems when there is a lot of traffic.

  6. The problem starts at 11 AM BST and was fixed in about one hour

  7. Some time ago a similar problem was also seen in Amazon Web Services which is another big cloud computing firm.

  8. Here question arises that so much internet infrastructure in the hand of few companies may cause huge destruction if something goes wrong.

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