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iSpace: First private moon landing failed

The craft was launched by a SpaceX rocket in December/Getty Images

Losing communication with a lunar lander just moments before it was due to touch down would be a major setback for any company. It's not clear what might have gone wrong, but it's likely that iSpace engineers will be working hard to investigate the cause of the communication failure.

Hopefully, iSpace will be able to learn from this experience and continue its efforts to explore the Moon and beyond.

It's unfortunate that the Hakuto-R lunar lander was unable to complete its mission successfully, especially after such a long journey to reach the Moon. The fact that the lander had a less powerful propulsion system to save fuel and reduce costs could have been a contributing factor to the failure.

It's also worth noting that private companies like iSpace are playing an increasingly important role in space exploration, alongside government-sponsored programs. While the US, Russia, and China have successfully put robots on the lunar surface, private companies are working to make space exploration more accessible and cost-effective.

Despite this setback, it is hoped that the spirit of exploration and innovation will continue to drive companies like iSpace to push the boundaries of what's possible in space. Hopefully, they will learn from this experience and continue their efforts to explore the Moon and beyond.

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