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Israel was behind attack on Iran nuclear plants: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The North Africa Post

1. Yossi Cohen, the former head of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad, indicated in an interview with an Israel TV channel; that Israel Intelligence agency Mossad was behind the attack on Iran's land Natanz nuclear plants.

2. In this interview, Cohen also warned Iranian scientists that they could be targeted if they were part of the nuclear program.

3. After the attack on Iran's Natanz nuclear plant on April 11 this year, Iranian officials said that thousands of machines at Iran's most important nuclear facility were either damaged or destroyed in the attack. Iran called the attack nuclear terrorism. Israel was responsible for this, Israel neither confirmed nor denied its role.

4. But then it was confirmed by intelligence sources on Israel's state radio that it was on operation of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad. the nuclear center was also on fire in July 2020 when Iranian officials called it the result of a cyber attack.

5. Cohen did not admit directly in this interview that Mossad was behind the attacks but he gave some surprising information related to the attack. The journalist who interviewed also gave detailed information about the attack in her report. Cohen said in this interview that they will not allow Iran to make nuclear weapons

6. This interview was broadcast on an Israeli TV channel on Thursday night.

7. Iran has not yet given any official statement on this interview.

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