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Kabul's airport is the key in withdrawal of the US troops: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: The New York Times

1. The US military could complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan within days but some troops will remain to protect Kabul airport and US Embassy.

2. Afghanistan's security forces are struggling to defend their country from Taliban attacks. The Taliban is fighting with Afghan forces just two hours north of Kabul and it's drawing nearer every day.

3. If the US can fulfill the deal for Turkey to keep forces in place to secure the airport, Joe Biden plans to go ahead with his plan to maintain the US embassy even after the departure of its troops. But if not, the consequences could be substantial.

4. Turkey is interested in retaining its presence in Afghanistan but some issues are yet to resolve between the US and Turkey.

5. The growing strength of the Taliban and withdrawal of international troops will soon make a fall of the Afghan Government and it is not clear that the Taliban would want to completely shut down the Kabul airport as the group has signaled that it will not accept the presence of any foreign troops, even from Turkey.

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