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Kamala Harris avoiding question about border visit?: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Al Jazeera
  • Vice President Kamala Harris is on her first International trip focused on immigration policies. She is on day two of the three-day trip to Guatemala and Mexica.

  • Today, in Mexico, a reporter asked her about her plans to visit the US-Mexico border, which she brushed off with vague responses.

  • She said, "It would be very easy to say, we'll travel to one place and therefore it's solved. I don't think anybody thinks that that would be the solution.”

  • She is getting heat about her trip and her conduct not only from her Republican colleagues but also from her fellow Democrats.

  • Her response to the migrants yesterday: “Do not come. Do not come”, did not settle well with the moderate democrats.

  • In April, there were 178,000 migrants arrived at the US-Mexico border, the highest in two decades.

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