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Kevin Spacey has been cleared of all nine sex-offence charges.

Picture: Reuters

After a four-week trial, a London jury has acquitted Kevin Spacey of sexual assault charges. During the trial, the actor defended himself by claiming that his interactions with men were consensual and characterized himself as a "big flirt." Spacey admitted to making a "clumsy pass" and touching a man's groin, but denied any aggressive behavior.

The accusations against Spacey involved three men alleging that he forcefully grabbed their crotches. Another man, seeking mentorship, claimed that he woke up to Spacey performing oral sex on him after visiting Spacey's London apartment for a beer.

Spacey contended that two of the men willingly engaged in consensual acts and dismissed the third man's allegation as a fabrication. Regarding a fourth incident at a party, Spacey admitted to touching the groin of a man he had met at a pub during a night of heavy drinking, attributing it to a misunderstanding and his misinterpretation of the man's interest.

In defense of Spacey, his lawyer, Patrick Gibbs, called three of the accusers liars and accused them of reimagining incidents with a malicious twist. He suggested that some individuals were making complaints to capitalize on the situation financially.

On the prosecution side, Christine Agnew argued that Spacey was a "sexual bully" who took advantage of his power and believed he could act with impunity. She asserted that a "trinity of protection" shielded him, making it unlikely for men to complain, be believed, or receive any consequential action if they did speak up.

Kevin Spacey faced a total of nine charges, including multiple counts of sexual assault and one count of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

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