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Lahore shook by blast, killing at least 3: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Times Of India

1. There has been an explosion in Johar town of Lahore, Pakistan. It is reported that 3 people were killed and 20 people were injured. The Lahore Police Commissioner said that the blast happened near E block of Ehsan Mumtaz Hospital.

2. It is being reported in the media that the blast took place near the house of Mumbai attacks mastermind terrorist Hafiz Saeed who is currently in jail.

3. All the injured have been admitted to Jinnah Hospital. The blast has caused damage to the nearby houses.

4. Usman Buzdar, Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan, has instructed the IG to investigate the incident and submit a report soon.

5. He said that action will be taken against those who are responsible for this incident. It was also instructed to provide health facilities to the injured in the blast, all the hospitals have been instructed to remain alert.

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