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Lebanon army is hungry; calls for aid: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Atalayar

1. Lebanon collapsed economically and its pound has lost 90% of its value. Soldiers salary and army's budget has been wiped out and soldiers are suffering and hungry.

2. Lebanon's army is appealing to the world for aid to help it survive.

3. A donor conference hosted by France is not asking for funds rather food, fuel, medicines, and spare parts.

4. The army is being seen as stabilizing force in a deeply divided and economically shattered country, not only enjoying support by all religious groups but western powers also view it as a counterweight to powerful Iran-backed Shia Islamist movement, which refuses to disarm.

5. France organized a donor conference after the warning of Lebanese Army chief Mr. Joseph Aoun that his soldiers are hungry like the rest of the people. He openly criticized the political leaders who are unable in finding out a politically stable government.

6. More than half of the population of the country is below the poverty line. The depreciation of Lebanon's pounds had resulted in surging inflation.

7. The World Bank recently warned that Lebanon is facing a severe economic depression possibly one of the three worst seen by the world since the mid-19th century.

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