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Lightning kills 60 people in India: What you need to know

Picture courtesy: BBC news

1. At least 60 people were killed in lightning in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan state in India.

2. Eleven of them died while taking selfies on top of a watchtower in front of a 12th-century fort in Rajasthan capital Jaipur.

3. The lightning- captured on mobile cameras- was so powerful that dozens of people panicked and jumped off the watchtower. A number of them sustained injuries.

4. Apart from the incident at AMER Fort, nine more such deaths were reported from across the state on Sunday.

5. The Rajasthan state government expressed shock over the incident and announced Rupees 5 lakh each to the next of victims.

6. Forty-one of these deaths were reported in Uttar Pradesh; 14 killed in Prayagraj. A majority of deaths were reported in rural areas across the state.

7. Most of them were children and women. 30 people were injured, 250 animals died.

8. The U.P state government declared Rupees 4 lakh ex-gratia each will be provided to kin of the deceased. All the injured will get proper medical treatment.

9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his deepest condolences over the deaths and has announced compensation for the families of those who died.

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