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Los Angeles: Depressed suspicion jumped from the plane: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: KPCC

1. A man was first detained at Los Angeles International airport in the US and later taken to a hospital after he was suspected to have jumped off a United Express Plane going to Salt Lake City on Friday night.

2. Around 7 p.m. as soon as the passenger tried to jump out of the gate he was pulled, after which the passenger tried to break into the cockpit and later jumped out of the service gate and got out of the moving aircraft.

3. Airport authorities soon took him into custody and he was taken to hospital. The man did not suffer any serious injuries. No other person was injured in this incident.

4. So far in 2021, more than three thousand breakouts have been reported by unruly passengers, most of whom have broken the rules by not wearing masks inside the aircraft, the official said.

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