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Lufthansa flights delay world wide due to IT outage

Lufthansa group flights disrupted due to an IT system failure on Wednesday. The airlines shared details of the incident on Twitter and announced that the IT failure was caused by construction work in the Frankfurt region.

As a result, passengers are left stuck at different airports, waiting for flight operations to resume. A Reuters report reveals that photos and videos from airports across Germany showed thousands of passengers who were stranded and waiting to check-in.

Agency spokesman Robert Ertler said all plane parking spots in Frankfurt were full because passengers and crews are unable to board the airline’s flights.

“All incoming planes are being diverted to alternative airports” such as as Munich, Nuremberg and Duesseldorf, Ertler told The Associated Press.

The company said parts of the destroyed line had already been repaired and the situation will improve significantly in the course of Wednesday afternoon, German news agency dpa reported.

According to dpa all of Lufthansa’s domestic flights were canceled and passengers were urged to switch to alternative forms of travel, such as trains.

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