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Lytton evacuated as fire engulfs the village: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: News 1130

1. Lytton, a village in Canada has been ordered to evacuate due to a wildfire.

2. A day before Lytton had seen the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada at 49.6 C.

3. The Mayor of the village issued the order of evacuation late Wednesday and advised the community to go to a safer place. Lytton is situated 195 miles east of Vancouver and has 249 residents.

3. Fire engulfed the town in just 15 minutes. The sources of fire are not yet confirmed. It is unclear whether everyone managed to escape. People just pick their keys and came out of their houses. They even could not take their belongings.

4. The evacuees were told to register in Merritt's social center where they will be provided 3 days of support.

5. All efforts are being done to control the situation.

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