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Majority COVID rules to end in UK: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: CNN
  1. As the UK continues to struggle in controlling the growing coronavirus cases, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that starting July 19th, most of the covid related rules in the UK will end. In a press briefing, he said that the ‘UK must learn to live with this virus’.

  2. The confirmation meeting regarding this will be held on July 12th, when the details of which rules will be removed be available to all.

  3. As per the final plan of easing covid restrictions, face masks will not be mandatory and social distancing will be scrapped. The work from home guidance issued by the government will also be removed.

  4. More details regarding the schools and traveling will be discussed in the following days.

  5. The Prime Minister said that the vaccine rollout has played a major role in allowing the government to ease these restrictions. This comes after the number of cases in the UK is expected to reach 50,000 per day.

  6. There have been instances around the world, where countries prematurely lifted the restrictions resulting in a higher number of cases, but the UK government seems to be confident about the precautions they have taken.

  7. On July 4th, UK reported 23,818 single-day tally of new infections due to COVID-19. About 68% of the population in the UK has received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine.

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