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Man takes ambulance hostage at gunpoint in Houston: What you need to know

Suspect was arrested by the police. Picture Courtesy: Click2Houston

A man was arrested early Friday morning by Houston police for taking an Ambulance hostage at gunpoint. The incident happened around 3 am in the morning when an ambulance was taking an accident victim to the hospital.

The ambulance had two paramedics and the patient when a man stopped hi scar in front of the ambulance and took it hostage at gunpoint. The police pursued them on Southwest Freeway where he got out of the ambulance and the police arrested him.

He confessed at the time of his arrest that he did this to get the attention of the police and he had consumed some narcotics. The patient and the paramedics in the ambulance, all unharmed, were sent to the hospital. The man arrested was also transported to a hospital.

He is facing charges of aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping. Police are still investigating the incident. They said that just before taking the ambulance hostage, the man in custody also fired shots at a car that had a family of 5. Fortunately, none of the family members were harmed as the husband, who was driving the car, accelerated away from him.

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