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Man trapped in Whale's mouth: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Fox News

1. A shocking incident has come to the fore in Massachusetts, US, where a Deep-sea Diver was suddenly pressed inside the mouth of a whale. Not only did the whale keep him in its mouth for 30-40 seconds, but it spits him out too.

2. 56-year-old Michael Packard, who has been working as a Diver for the last 40 years, referring to this incident from the hospital, told that last Friday, when he got into the sea for his regular diving, suddenly he was shocked and there was complete darkness.

3. He felt that he had been attacked by a shark and later when he did not feel any pain, he regained consciousness and he did not know for a few moments that he got trapped in the mouth of a whale.

4. It seemed that he was going to die but suddenly whale mouth started to move. Packard told that within a while he went into the water flying in the air. Whale had spewed him.

5. Having somehow swum to the shore, he said he was present in the whale's mouth for about 30-40 seconds but his breath did not break because he had an oxygen cylinder and breathing equipment at this time.

6. He said that he can't believe that he is alive to talk about this.

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