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Matt Gaetz snorted cocaine with an Escort: What you need to know

Matt Gaetz. Picture courtesy : Huffpost

Shocking news coming in as reports suggest that Rep. Matt Gaetz allegedly snorted cocaine with an escort during a Trump campaign event. Here is everything we know about the update:

  1. According to the reports by Daily Beast, there is a witness who said that Rep. Matt Gaetz snorted cocaine with an escort named Megan Zalonka back in 2019 when he was attending a Trump event.

  2. He was a featured speaker at the ‘Trump defender Gala’ in Orlando. After the event, he hosted an after-party during which the event in question took place.

  3. It is unclear if Gaetz had sex with the escort after that.

  4. This comes after Matt Gaetz's wingman, Joel Greenberg, pleaded guilty to sex trafficking. In the plea agreement, he has agreed to cooperate with the authorities.

  5. Rep Matt Gaetz's name has not come up yet in any of the official allegations. He had denied all allegations and said that he had never had sex with a minor.

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