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Meat Giant JBS pays $11million ransom: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: ABC news

1. The world's largest Brazil-based meat processing company JBS has paid an $11 million ransom to put an end to cyber-attacks.

2. The computer networks of the company were hacked last week and temporarily shut down some operations in Australia, the US, and Canada.

3. The hackers demanded ransom in cryptocurrency and the company paid in bitcoins to settle it.

4. The hackers threatened to delete files unless a ransom in cryptocurrency was paid. According to the company, it was necessary to pay to protect the customers.

5. The company was forced to halt cattle slaughtering for a day in the US and disruption risked food supplies and higher food prices for the consumers.

6. The White House has said that a criminal organization based in Russia is behind the attack.

7. Last month fuel delivery in Southeast US was also hampered after a ransomware attack targetted the colonial pipeline.

8. The colonial pipeline has also paid $4.4 million to hackers responsible for ransom though the Justice Department has recovered $2.3 million.

9. The White House is engaging directly with the Russian Government on this matter.

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