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Middle East: Iran launches missiles at northern Iraqi city of Irbil

Picture Courtesy: Reuters

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards force have said that it targeted an Israeli "strategic center" with missiles that struck the Iraqi Kurdish city of Irbil overnight. As per reports, 12 missiles were fired around the US consulate causing material damage and wounding one civilian, the Kurdistan Regional Government said.

The US authorities have confirmed that no US citizens were hurt and that its facilities were not damaged. It has called this action by Iran has an "outrageous attack”. Israeli authorities have refused to comment on the attack.

An eyewitness told AFP news, "I saw a lot of dust, then I heard a very loud noise. The windows of my car exploded and I was injured in the face.”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have vowed to make sure Israel “pays” for an airstrike near the Syrian capital Damascus on Monday that killed two senior Iranian officers.

The Kurdish Region's Council of Ministers responded to the attack by saying, "This cowardly attack on Irbil allegedly under the pretext of hitting an Israeli base near the US Consulate in Irbil, targeted civilian locations and its justification is only to hide the disgracefulness of such offense. We reiterate that the propaganda of the perpetrators of this attack is far from true.”

Matthew Tueller, the US ambassador to Iraq said, “Iran must be held accountable for this flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty and terrorist attacks on innocent civilian properties".

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