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Modi Government’s 7 years Report Card: What you need to know

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1. Narendra Modi has completed his seven years in office on 30th May. The last two years of his term passed through a pandemic that overturned the pace of the growing Indian economy.

2. On the political front this year, Modi-led Bhartiya Janta Party bagged 77 seats in the State of West Bengal whereas it expected more than 200 seats. Now the eyes are on UP State elections to be held in 2022.

3. Challenges like loss of lives and livelihoods in the pandemic, crash of health system, unresolved farmer's agitation, Central vista controversy, disturbances over big tech regulation in India, a rise of unemployment, and decline in economic development, all put a dent on Modi's stature.

4. But despite all this, the Modi administration did have some wins. It met the challenge of the second wave head-on. Modi himself showed unparalleled action on all fronts. Both testing and vaccinations were increased with new supply lines opening up for procuring vaccines, supplying them free of charge to states. With such a huge population, controlling the worst situation is admirable to an extent.

5. But on the economic front, the performance is dull. His target of GDP of $5 trillion till 2025 is now a dream. Though the economy was running at a fast speed pre-covid period, pandemic made it out of reach.

6. Modi's 'Make in India' initiative could not perform to the expectations. Increased tariffs and competition from Bangladesh, a small country, intermittent lockdowns all are proving a great hurdle.

7. His two steps of demonetization and imposition of GST in earlier years also could not help, rather discourage the economy of India. Increased spending with no matches from tax income is leading towards the budget deficit.

8. Despite all this, Mr. Modi is a good communicator, he had a direct conversation with the public through 'Man Ki Baat'. His scheme of Jan Dhan fetched millions of unbanked people out of poverty. As still there is no strong leader against him, he is still the most famous politician within and outside India for Indians.

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