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More than 130 deaths due to heat wave in Canada: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: CNN
  1. Western Canada is dealing with the worst heatwave ever recorded in modern times. For the past 5 days, British Columbia has been recording record high temperatures. Although the meteorological department said that the conditions will improve starting Tuesday, people are getting frustrated by, what seems like a never-ending heatwave.

  2. As of Tuesday, more than 130 deaths have been reported in the province of British Columbia since the heatwave started. The temperature rise has seriously depleted the resources of front-line workers and has led to an increase in the response times.

  3. Although the cause of these deaths has not yet been determined in each death, this number is increasing since the heatwave began.

  4. Media Relations Officer Sgt. Steve Addison said during a press conference, "We've never experienced anything like this heat in Vancouver”.

  5. Most of the people who died are reportedly senior citizens, and the government is urging people to stay inside and keep on checking on their loved ones.

  6. Police have responded to 35 sudden deaths in the Surrey area and more than 34 deaths in the city of Burnaby.

  7. On Monday, the city of Lytton, British Columbia, registered 117.5 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

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