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Morocco suspends diplomatic contact with Germany's Embassy in Rabat: What you need to know

Nasser Bourita and Heiko Maas
Picture courtesy: Moroccan World News

One of the highest Moroccan diplomats, Nasser Bourita, who is currently serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Morocco, announced the suspension of all contacts with Germany's embassy in Rabat.

The Foreign Ministry statement explained that the decision was a result of "deep misunderstandings of Germany on fundamental questions of the Kingdom of Morocco and its sovereignty". Thereafter, all the ministerial departments, administrations, and all agencies reporting to the Foreign Ministry were immediately ordered to suspend all contact and cooperative action with the embassy of Germany in Rabat.

Throughout the year, Morocco and Germany have maintained stable diplomatic relations. Lately, Germany has started endorsing the terrorist Algerian militias who occupied the Moroccan Western Sahara, in an effort to overturn the United States' decision to recognize Moroccan sole Sovereignty Over Western Saraha.

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