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Multiple Russian soldiers killed in mass shooting, Russia calls it ‘terrorist attack’

Picture Courtesy: Getty Images

11 solders were killed and at least 15 were wounded when two gunmen opened fire at a Russian military firing range near Ukraine on Saturday. The Russian defence ministry said in a statement that the two shooters were nationals from a former Soviet republic and had been shot dead after the attack. The ministry called the incident a terrorist attack.

This shooting incident comes amid a hasty mobilization ordered by President Vladimir Putin to beef up Russian forces in Ukraine. Putin said on Friday that over 220,000 reservists already had been called up as part of an effort to recruit 300,000.

Many videos have also emerged that showed scores of men being subjected to poor conditions at training centres as they waited to be sent to Ukraine, while some of the deaths at Russia’s mobilization centres have also indicated severe issues with morale. Russian media reports said some of those who were mobilized were sent to combat without receiving proper training and were quickly killed.

Authorities have acknowledged the mobilization was often poorly organized and promised to improve the situation.

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