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Murder mystery and misappropriation of funds in South Carolina-Police investigation in Murdaugh case

Picture courtesy: NBC News

The South Carolina Police confirmed Monday that they have opened an investigation into missing money that a law firm said was taken by an attorney from a prominent South Carolina legal family whose wife and son was killed at their home three months ago.

For 87 years, the Murdagh family name came to represent a legal dynasty where three successive generations controlled the local prosecutor's office. But in recent years, the family has been connected to the bloody tragedy. There was a fatal boating crash in 2019, the killings of two family members in June, the shooting of a family member last week and allegations of misappropriated funds and drug cases.

Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth and Detrick PA (PMPED) law firm announced earlier this month that Murdaugh had misappropriated money from the business and was no longer associated with the firm.

Just days after reporting a gunshot wound to his head, it became public that Murdaugh was accused of misappropriating funds, had resigned from the powerhouse law firm his family helped establish, and announced he was entering rehab.

No one has yet been arrested in the shootings, but authorities have pledged to get to the bottom of them and investigators decided to reopen an unsolved death case from 2015.

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