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Narendra Modi meets with the leaders of Kashmir: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: Indian Express

1. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met politicians of Jammu & Kashmir on Thursday.

2. It was the first meeting since the abolition of Article 370 which revoked of region's special status in 2019.

3. The region used to be a state before 2018 when Modi Government imposed direct rule over the state after a coalition with the local party broke up.

4. Mr. Farooq Abdulla and Mehbooba Mufti, ex-chief Ministers of J&K also attended the meeting.

5. The leaders demanded fresh elections in the state as early as possible. Demands also included giving J&K status of the full state. PM said that all issues will be considered only after the completion of the process of delimitation.

6. Regarding Article 370, it is said the supreme court will see the matter as it is already in court.

7. The meeting was important from Pakistan's perspective as it is monitoring the activities within the State very closely.

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