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Nazanin to appear in Tehran court again on a new baseless charge: What you need to know

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Picture courtesy: The New York Times

Mrs Zagharin-Radtcliffe, a British-Iranian mom and charity worker, was ordered to appear in the Revolutionary Court on a new groundless security charge, as it seems to the public that the Iranian government is plotting one of his hostage diplomacy tactics.

She was wrongfully jailed in 2016 for allegedly working against the Iranian government.

Now, her husband Richard said the British embassy in Tehran had declined to accompany his wife to Sunday's trial. His wife, Nazanin, will report to court at 9 am Iranian time but did not know when her trial would be heard, what it would require or how long it would last. Her husband said that "the charges are irrelevant. This is not a real court process. This is not a fair trial - it's an act of abuse". He continued "Nazanin is now pretty stressed and she is extremely twitchy, restless and agitated."

A report, commissioned by the human rights charity Redress, confirmed she was interrogated for long hours while blindfolded in solitary confinement at the beginning of her sentence.

Boris Johnson has called for Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe's immediate release.

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