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NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh plans to eliminate student loans: What you need to know

Picture Courtesy: News 1130

As the election date of Sept 20th is approaching, every party is making sure that its message reached all the citizens in Canada. Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh had a campaign rally at the University of Sudbury Saturday morning, where he vowed to remove the interest on federal student loans.

There was a press release by NDP which said that ‘the party would also forgive up to $20,000 in student loan debt, double the number of federal grants and not require graduates to repay the federal portion of their loans for five years.’

Jagmeet Singh said, "In this pandemic, students have been really hard hit. And we want to make sure you know the New Democrats will be there for students.”

He took shots at the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying, “When Justin Trudeau promised to help students, he used the opportunity to hand a $900 million contract to his friends at WE. When banks and big corporations asked for help, Justin Trudeau rushed billions of dollars to them with no strings attached.”

According to many political pundits, Sudbury is critical from an election point of view. The incumbent MP Paul Lefebvre is not running for re-election, and Vivian Lapointe is replacing him as the Liberal candidate. Nadia Verrelli is the NDP candidate from Sudbury.

Details about the election and mail-in option can be found out on Official website:

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